Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Yves Rossy ,aka "Jetman", soared above the Grand Canyon at 190 MPH!! That is incredible! On Saturday, after the FAA cleared him for his flight, he jumped out of a helicopter at 8,000 feet strapped to his jet wing. After the eight minute flight Yves floated back to the ground by his parachute. 
I mean I have already seen the videos of him flying over the swiss alps and all, but this time he did it over the Grand Canyon.There must have been huge gusts of hot air giving the wing turbulence, which would have made it even harder to fly and a more daring challenge.  This guy is like the Evel Knievel of Jetpacks! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Planet dance!

During this month of May, four bright planets will engage in a fascinating dance with each other in the morning sky.
Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter will be involved in a series of conjunctions, joined at the end of the month by a very thin, waning crescent moon.  We could even refer to this as a "celestial summit meeting," or more precisely, a series of summit meetings during May 2011.
Twice during May three planets will converge to form a "trio."
According to Belgian calculator Jean Meeus, a trio is when three planets fit within a circle with a minimum diameter of 5 degrees.  Such a limit was one that Meeus chose more or less arbitrarily, but as he notes, "We have to make a choice."  
On Wednesday (May 11), Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will converge within 2.05-degrees of each other, followed just 10 days later by another trio, this time formed by Mercury, Venus and Mars, which will crowd within a 2.13-degree circle.  Then late in the month, on three successive mornings, May 29th, 30th, and 31st, the waning crescent moon will arrive, sweeping past Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury stretched out across the eastern sky from upper right to lower left.

What do all of you guys have to say about this? Do you have any predictions on disasters or anything?:P

Monday, May 9, 2011


What is with all these "computer" tablets that I am seeing on tv and everything now? And why does it seem that every company is making them now?  I personally would rather have a laptop that can do more than a tablet, but why would you want a tablet? Please leave your comments :D !

Sunday, May 8, 2011

L.A. Noire

First off I have no clue what "Noire" is suppost to mean in the title,(something with film I think?) but this game looks really cool! The game is being made produced by Team Bondi and in conjunction with Rockstar. You know Rockstar, the people who made those oh so fun GTA games and Red Dead Redemption. So apparently the plot is your a detective for the LAPD in Los Angeles in 1947 and your trying to find clues to solve cases. Sounds interesting to me! Rockstar is using an amazing facial expression system in the game that they used sensors on real people to get the characters in game to look life like with there expressions. Which is a great thing because it would suck if you couldnt tell who was lying without the clues of it. Theres car chases, shootouts, etc, everything a detective game needs. L.A. Noire will be released 5/18/11.

Jet powered surfboard!

"Wavejet" surfboards, which have been through 10 years of development, are set to debut as part of a U.S. demo tour this summer. They are selling for $4,500 apiece, which is about five times the cost of an ordinary surfboard, and enable surfers to paddle at two to three times their normal speed. I can see this as being a great benefit to elderly surfers and people with a disability. Its a great idea and I think it will get more people out on the waves and having fun!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

the chip

Intel is making some sort of new computer chip. Its suppost to have vertical fins on top of the horizontal ones to save energy and be even faster than chips now. Sounds like there on track to making a terminator.

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